We listen to our clients, our key opinion leaders, patients, caregivers, and influencers.


To build an effective solution requires, first and foremost, a clear understanding our clients' needs. We ask provocative, sometimes challenging questions, and then we listen. We listen to our clients, our key opinion leaders, patients, and influencers. What we learn is then analyzed in the context of a rapidly evolving and demanding health care environment. We then begin to develop a solution that draws on:

  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT);
  • motivational interviewing;
  • our knowledge of learning principles that activate intent;
  • our expertise in health literacy; and
  • the power of visual and engaging media

The skillful combination of these elements results in better health decisions being made.

Digital solutions that make assessments and work-ups easier, more accessible, and more reliable over time so that more patients get started on or switch to the appropriate therapy.

Automated patient support programs that are standardized, measurable and offer easier and more affordable options relative to nurse-support programs to start patients and keep patients on therapy.


Activating health care professionals and patients to deliver business objectives and health outcomes.

Case Studies

We put our knowledge and experience to work creating innovative and best-practice solutions for our clients.


Headcan works with a variety of different organizations, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

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