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My Insomnia Care Plan

Services Provided:

  • Strategy and medical research
  • Facilitation of a national-KOL steering group
  • Medical content and illustrations for HCP and patient audiences with easy to follow icons
  • Design and development of a self-assessment
    and surveillance program including in-office bi-fold "Care Plan" script pad and folder
  • Headcan's Health Management Platform (HMP)
  • Push notification, tracking technology
  • Presentation at sleep clinic rounds
  • Online and off-line promotion of solution and support
  • Real-time measurement and reporting metrics

The Objective

Time-starved GPs required a new method to help capture better patient insights before beginning treatment for insomnia. Historically, there had been a lack of information or misinformation about insomnia that circulated in the healthcare system. In many cases, behavioural therapy - considered to be one of the best treatment options - was not being appropriately offered. Meanwhile, patients have become increasingly demanding of HCPs time and often are looking for a "quick fix" for their insomnia - all of which leads to sub-optimal patient management where patients aren't identified for the appropriate interventions.

To counter this, Headcan worked with a panel of sleep specialists to develop an insomnia care plan that helps patients self-assess, record, and share information with the HCP to help properly identify the issues that may be causing insomnia.

From our client's perspective, the system delivers to HCPs newly identified patients that are ready for their therapy while partnering with the same HCPs to save them clinic time.

Insomnia features : In-Office "Care Plan" Authenticated User Back-End Self-Assessments and Reminders Surveillance Reporting Promo Support


  • A time saving solution that delivers knowledgeable patient candidates for insomnia treatment.
  • HCPs are able to have better conversations with their patients as well as set goals for better sleep habits based on detailed reports and feedback captured through surveillance and monitoring tools.
  • Within the first month of launch, the program was introduced
    to 13 sleep clinics nationally via the Advisory Committee
    as well as institutions and FP clinics.
  • This elevated support system provides ongoing value to client KOLs
    whose involvement drove the content.
  • By adopting Headcan's HMP system, the solution provides a proprietary ongoing channel to prescribers for new initiatives.

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