Activating health care professionals and patients to deliver business objectives and health outcomes.

Digital Assessments

Headcan creates digital solutions that make assessments and work-ups easier, more accessible, and more reliable over time. Our solutions are device and platform agnostic - meaning that regardless of whether health care professionals and patients are using desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, running Windows, iOS or Android, our digital assessments are able to engage users. The result is more patients getting started on or switching to the appropriate therapy.

Patient & Caregiver Support Programs

Headcan's innovative support programs ensure positive outcomes for patients. Our digital and print PSPs contain goal-setting and reporting components and are delivered using a variety of media, including:

  • Patient starter kits
  • Disease state and product information
  • Self-care advice and educational materials
  • Tools to help with information exchange between
    HCP's and patients
  • Trackers / Diaries / Journals

Print Solutions

Headcan creates both branded and unbranded clinician and patient resources which help to facilitate understanding of the disease state, health anatomy and product information. Our award-winning materials enable effective and efficient knowledge transfer with the results of better treatment plans, adherence, lifestyle improvements and more productive health care relationships.

Anatomical Models

Our award-winning anatomical models help patients
understand their diagnosis, progression of the disease,
and the importance of remaining compliant with treatment.

Headcan models...

  • generate brand recognition
  • empower HCPs with the tools to enable spending
    "quality time" with patients
  • provide patients with the knowledge and power
    to effectively manage their health
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We listen to our clients, our key opinion leaders, patients, caregivers, and influencers.

To build an effective solution requires, first and foremost, a clear understanding of our clients' needs. We ask provocative, sometimes challenging questions, and then we listen.

Case Studies

We put our knowledge and experience to work creating innovative and best-practice solutions for our clients.

We create unique programs that are customized to meet the exacting needs of our clients. We're able to execute quickly and cost-effectively by leveraging proprietary platforms and algorithms.


Headcan works with a variety of different organizations, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Click to view a small sample of the leading organizations, from multiple industries, that we've had the pleasure to assist both in Canada and globally.

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